Testeris išmetimo dujų CO2 rinkinys su adapteriais

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    Kaina 7300 su PVM
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  • Anglies dioksido dujų CO2 testeris. Rinkinys: mėginių ėmiklis, reaktyvusis skystis 250ml, adapteriai. Prietaisas skirtas diagnozuoti variklio galvutės bloko tarpinės hermetiškumą.

    Radiator Pressure Tester & Vacuum – Type Cooling System Kit
    The instrument allows for easy diagnosis and quick detection of head gasket failure.In the case of a damaged head gasket or the head of the combustion gases, including a CO2 goes into the cooling system, The principle of operation is based on the measurement of CO2 content in the cooling system.
    The device for measuring the head gasket leak. (it has two chambers separated by a filter and a universal connection to the radiator cap)
    Hand pump for sucking gas from the cooling system
    The container with the liquid reaction medium 250ml
    Empty container for waste fluid (liquid if the reaction did not change the color can be used several times, provided that they do not got to the coolant)
    Connection terminated quick, allows for tight connection and thus more accurate measurement
    1) Mercedes-Benz, GM (Buick) oraz Jeep
    2) Peugeot, Subaru, Chrysler, Acura, GM (Nova, Spectrum and Sprint), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Infiniti, Geo, Suzuki, Isuzu oraz Ford
    3) Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi , Chrysler oraz Acura